Summer 2008

Amy and family came up to visit this summer and here are pictures, mainly of the kids.

Claire in our backyard taking off her shoes.

Andrew and Chris were tearing down part of the back awning.

We got some labor out of Cade while he was here.

Then Cade got chased around by Claire.

Some hugs from their Gram.

My parents had bubbles for Claire and Cade at their house, here they are
chasing bubbles trying to pop them with their mouth.

Claire getting help to pop bubbles from Dad.

Claire had fun getting help.

Cade just popped one!

Claire was enjoying herself...

A mouthful!

Fun, fun!

Joelle invited all of us over for a BBQ, Cade is digging in Dillon's sandbox.

Claire liked Dillon's chair.

Cade had fun chasing Dillon.

Don't ask what Claire was doing here. Amy had her lap full with Dillon and Claire.