Thanksgiving 2008 (November 24 - 28)

We spend Thanksgiving this year at my parents house in Bremerton. Amy and her family
were able to join us too. We all had dinner at our house when they arrived at the airport
before going to my parents'. Since Cade's birthday is so close to that time, we celebrated
early (on my mom's birthday).

Amy and Claire at our house, sharing the table Sue brought us. Just their size!

Cade all ready to go to Gram and Grandpa's.

Claire and Amy ready to go.

Cade with the "Bob the Builder" outfit we gave him for his birthday. Appropriate from us!

The cake Mom made for Cade's birthday celebration. So creative!

Claire enjoying her cupcake.

Cade eating a leg!

Cade was learning how to hammer nails with his new tools and tool belt.

Smile for the camera.

Cade even helped Chris fix the light on his Jeep.

Look how determined he was.

Claire really liked her blueberries!

Good thing I'm not the one who gets to clean her up!

Cade and Claire enjoying the 101 Dalmations movie.

Cade swinging on his own at the park.