Annecy, Chamonix and the Alps (January 24-26)

After the snow in Strasbourg, our trains to Chamonix were delayed some, but we finally made it
to Annecy. We decided to stay there and really enjoyed the town itself, so we're glad we only
made it that far. The day we went to Chamonix and the Alps was beautiful with blue sky once
we got closer. We rode the gondola up to the lookout point and up in the elevator to the deck
at Aiguille du Midi to see the mountains skiers below. Elevation 12,600 ft.

The French Alps with a paraglider coming down. It was below zero temperatures on the ground,
Chris and I were thinking these people were crazy to be flying around in these temperatures!

From the view point.

From the upper viewing deck at Aiguille du Midi looking down at the main building.

A helicopter and it's shadow with people heli-skiing. The tracks are from skiers' trails.

The gondola coming up to pick us up, coming up out of nowhere!

The glaciers to the side of us.

The visitors building built into the mountain!

Mont Blanc, the rounded mountain on the right. It looked so close, and tempting!

Closer in.

The wind was blowing snow around, and the crystals were sparkling in the sky.

Chris with the spire at Aiguille du Midi.

The gondola held about 40 people

The moon with the Alps.

The train stop.

Steps down to the river in Annecy that used to be used for unloading boats with supplies.

A canal in Annecy - see the icicles.

The building, all lit up at night!