Pont du Gard (January 26)

From Annecy, we headed south to Avingnon and Pont du Gard. We weren't planning to stay in Avingnon,
but go to Paris that evening. We had an interesting time getting passed by buses on the way back.
Luckily, the French are rather nice and we hitched a ride with one of them back to the train station
in time to catch our train to Paris that night!

Avingnon has is a walled city, this is part of the wall around the city.

The wall has the old arrow slits for fighting people from behind the walls.

This, I believe, is the caretakers' building at Pont du Gard.

The bridge, with Chris on the road top for scale. I was surprised at the size of the bridge!

Watching people walk on the bridge top.

The top of the aquaduct where water used to pass.

The inside of the aquaduct was built much less orderly.

A view of Pont du Gard from a short hike away.

From down by the river.

The scaffolding to build the bridge was attached to these jetted stones. They left the stones
so when they needed to refurbish, they would have something to attach the scaffolding to again.