Strasbourg and Colmar (January 22-23)

The day after I got to France, we took a train from Paris to Strasbourg. It was very cold further East!
We took a day trip to Colmar, and it snowed on us that day! They were both cute little towns,
but very cold as well.

The church near the center of town in Strasbourg.

The stained glass rose window at the entrance to the church.

A side window.

Chris and I climbed up to the lookout point on the church, up a long spiral staircase.

Roof tops in Strasbourg.

A back street in Petite Italie in Strasbourg.

Across the water.

They still had Christmas lights and decorations up all over France.

Streets in Colmar.

It got really snowy the last night in Strasbourg and delayed trains the day we went to Chamonix.

A bike that someone left chained up for the night.