Moonlight Lake (June 9-10, 2007)

Chris and I saw an awesome picture of Picture Peak and Moonlight Falls in a gallery, so we decided to
take a trip to the area for photos. AJ and Luke decided to come on that trip too. It was supposed to
be a leisurely trip, but we were all tired by the time we got to Moonlight Lake since it was the first
backpacking trip of the year, and we were all out of shape.

Lake Sabrina at the start of our hike. Picture Peak is in the middle of the picture, that's where we're headed.

AJ and Luke heading up the trail.

The view from just above Lake Sabrina.

Blue Lake.

This is a small lake with falls right near our camp.

Moonlight Falls and the mountains.

If you look carefully, you can see our camp in the upper right corner (the yellow dome tent).

A reflection of the peaks.

Chris at the river crossing.