White Mountain (August 5, 2007)

Chris went on travel to Seattle, then stayed the weekend to visit some friends, so I was
bored and needed something to do. Some people at work mentioned they were going to climb
White Mountain (one of the California 14ers). It was "open-gate day" where they open the
gate up to the high altitude research facility and it will cut 2 miles off the hike each
way. Matt had mentioned going the previous weekend, but his plans fell through, so he
joined me on this day. There were a LOT of people there and hiking the mountain. We
started our hike later than my co-workers, so we saw them on the top. The research
facility was doing a high altitude study on top where they take your vitals and see how you
are feeling, if you're affected by the altitude. Matt and I both decided to partake. It
was pretty interesting. They are supposed to send us the results!

Here's the view of White Mountain at the beginning of the trail from the research facility.
I'm assuming they call it "White" Mountain because it's in the White Mountain Range, since
it's color is fairly red. It could also be because it's white when the snow is on it in the winter.

Since the trail to the peak isn't all that scenic, the next picture I have is from the
peak. This is one of the two gliders we saw that day that was getting a good ride near the top!

The view from the top was a bit hazy that day due to a lot of smoke in the air from the forest
fires this summer. The glaciers in the picture are the Palisades Glaciers, and the peaks around
them are the 14ers near there.

Here are some of the hikers and the researchers taking samples at the summit station.

If you look carefully in this picture, you can see people coming up the trail. There were a LOT
of people there that day.

There's me.


The Bench Marker on the peak.