Petroglyph Tour (November 23, 2007)

Chris and I spent one last Thanksgiving in Ridgecrest at my aunt and uncle's. The
day after Thanksgiving, they had organized a Petroglyph Canyon Tour for the whole
family. Since I had never been, we were excited to go. This canyon is located on
base and to see it, you must be accompanied by a guide. I believe the canyons were
used to trap the animals for food and the petroglyphs tell their stories.

Who is this Eskimo?

All the troups going down into the canyon.

The start of the canyon.

There were a bunch of these GPS markers all over the canyon.

The start of the petroglyphs.

I don't think this was original... petroglyph graffiti!

There are some people petroglyphs.

The mountain goats.

Some walls were completely covered with drawings.

This guy must have had big feet!

I thought this one looked like the guy was getting electrocuted!
I think it's actually a snake.

There was one part we had to climb down some rocks. Fun!

A family with pet goats!

Looks like that one is doomed.

This one was a little different than the others.

There was a narrow spot in the canyon that had a ton of pictures on either side.
This was on the south side.

This was on the north side. There was a very long trail of people. I wonder if
it was trying to say they used to line up like that along the canyon to hunt...

This was near the end of the canyon when it dropped down with a dry waterfall.
It was a really windy and cold day, so everyone was bundled up!

At the end of the canyon looking back.