Northwest Trek (July 11, 2008)

Amy, Andrew, Cade and Claire came up for a short vacation. We all decided to go to
Northwest Trek one day and see the animals. Chris had never been there, and I don't
think I've been since I was Cade's age.

Here we were looking at the otters, I think Andrew was enjoying himself more than the kids.
The otter would swim under water in front of the glass then go to his den for a photo op.

Here the otter is posing for pictures. He seems to know how to get attention!

A wolverine had just woken up down the path from the otters.

A cougar on the prowl.

Claire and Mom looking at the cats.

There is also a tram that drives you around the park through some of the tamer
animals' habitat. This is a caribou.

We saw a moose eating in the water.

Some rams.

Cade looked thrilled to be on the tram, huh? :)

A bunch of buffalo hanging out by the lake.

We drove quite close to this one in the field.

Amy, Andrew, Claire and Cade. Cade was hiding, I guess.

Hard to get a good picture of the wiggly family.

Claire had the right idea of how to get around the park!