Scenic Beach Camping (August 20, 2008)

My parents and my friends parents were on their yearly camping trip at Scenic Beach
State Park. Chris and I went out there for two days. It rained most of one day, but
I got some pictures in during one of the days.

Shane showing Ainslee how to play soccer.

I think Dillon was after my camera.

Joelle and Kara helping Ainslee walk. She's almost got it on her own!

The whole crew. Everyone that was out at camping one of the days we were there.
BACK-- The Hoems: Me, Dad, Mom, Chris. The Clevelands: Ron, Brynn, Shane, Mary Anne, Kara.
The Berrys: Doug, Jan, Joelle, Art. The Makins: Carol and Bob.
Down in FRONT-- Dillon and Ainslee.