Cousin's Picnic (June 28, 2009)

Since moving back to the Seattle area, I'd been meaning to meet up with my cousin's who live around
here that I haven't seen in around 10 years. We all ended up meeting at Seward Park for a picnic
and the weather ended up to be nice too! Adam came over from Port Orchard and Amy was here with
her kids, so we got together to do a little catching up.

Nina (Cory and Jen's oldest) and Sophia (Kelen and Nate's
oldest) sitting down for something to eat.

Lola (Kelen and Nate's second) and Cade.

Kelen, Emily (Ryan's wife), and Jen.

Diane sitting with her youngest grandkids, Oliver and Zoe.

Ollie smiling for the camera.

The guys around the BBQ: Nate, Cory, Adam, Ryan and Chris.

Amy sitting down with the kids.

Lola swung herself to sleep!