Pictures of the House
December 20, 2008

Here are some pictures of the new house. We took some of these the other day after moving in, but we didn't take pictures of all the rooms. Since we plan to start remodeling right away, we left most of the boxes and furniture stacked up in two of the rooms. We didn't take any pictures of that yet...

Front of the house.

Living room. The paneling, carpet, ugly curtains, and popcorn ceiling will be the first to go. We plan
to replace the windows on the left with a normal window.

Living room.

Downstairs bathroom. We'll be replacing pretty much everything.

Bedroom. This room needs new window coverings, paint, refinish the hardwoods under the carpet,
and get rid of the popcorn ceiling.



Kitchen. Pretty much everything has to go. We'll probably expand it a little and put an island in.

Upstairs Bedroom. We'll fix the closets, replace carpet, and paint.

Another view of the same room.

The other upstairs bedroom.

Looking down the stairs. The railing needs some work, and the wall paper and carpet will go.

Small upstairs bathroom. We haven't decided exactly what to do here yet, but possibly put a dormer in the roof so we can get enough head room to put a shower in too.

The rest of the bathroom. Hopefully we can reroute the vent pipe.