"Popcorn" Ceiling Texture Removal
January 18, 2008

After getting several price quotes for removal of our "popcorn" ceiling texture (which contains 5% asbestos), we decided to do the work ourselves. But, since the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency gives detailed instructions on how to safely perform the work yourself, we decided to give it a try. It cost us about a quarter of what it would have cost to have it done professionally.

We spent one day constructing the plastic containment bubble in the house and one day scraping the texture off, cleaning the ceiling, and priming the ceiling to encapsulate any remaining asbestos. The next day we took all of our hazardous waste to the disposal site.

Here's an idea of what the ceiling looked like before the project. It was dirty with lots of smoke
stains, and this big mess.

Another view.

The first layer of plastic on the floor.

Then a layer on the walls. After that, another layer went on the floor.

Suited up and ready to scrape off some asbestos ceiling texture.

The ceiling after scraping, cleaning, priming, and cleaning up.