Front Window Replacement
February 2, 2008

The front window in the living room was cracked when we bought the house, so it definitely needed replacing. We had a lot of options for the replacement, and decided to go with three single hung windows since they would match the style of all the other windows we put in. Brooke's parents came over to help us with this one since it was so big. We knew it would be heavy, but we were surprised that even with the four of is it was very hard to carry. The installation of the new windows went well.

Here is a picture of the original front window.

Walt and I working on the second window. After removing the old window, we framed the opening
with 4x4s for the new windows.

After finishing installing the windows, but before putting the trim on.

The finished product. Well, except for the caulking spots that will eventually be painted when we
paint the house.

From the inside. We'll install the trim after we paint the room.

View of the front of the house.