Electrical Work
February 3, 2008

The house still has a lot of the original knob and tube wiring which these days is considered unsafe, especially by insurance companies. There was also a lack of outlets in the house so we decided to add some while we were rewiring the place. Here are a some pictures of the first of our electrical projects.

This wall in the living room didn't have any outlets so we added two.

Brooke installing a retofit outlet box.

One of the old two prong outlets. About half of the outlets in the
house were like this and not grounded.

Me in the attic testing the old wiring to make sure it wasn't live before working on it.

What a mess! Check out them knobs...

Brooke fishing for the cable from the light switch for the downstairs bedroom ceiling light. We had to cut a hole in the floor upstairs to feed the cable.

A bunch of wires for two switches by the front door, and our
electrical permit.