Random Updates
February 23, 2008

Here are some random pictures of several differnt projects from the last couple weeks. We took some time off for a trip to California for a wedding and then I got sick, so we had some more non-work days.

Front of the house after installing the second front window and a new porch light.

The new porch light.

New curtains and ceiling light in our bedroom.

The den after we took two walls of plaster and insulation down to get rid of the mildew smell.

The second wall of the den that we tore apart, and the new ceiling
light we installed after rewiring the room.

The hall ceiling after removing the existing light (which had no wall switch),
before we rewired and installed 3 pot lights with a wall switch.

I took this picture from upstairs through the opening we cut in the floor.
Brooke is plastering the hole from the old hall light. Good thing she was
wearing safety glasses...

Brooke wiring the new hall pot lights through the opening in the
upstairs floor.

Two of the new hall pot lights, the third is around the corner to the left.

A closer look around the corner.