Den Walls
March 9, 2008

Originally the house had one small closet for each downstairs bedroom. A previous owner partially combined them into one closet, but never closed off the door into the master bedroom or removed the wall that separated them. We decided to finish the job and will later add a new closet in the master bedroom.

Tearing down plaster walls is a messy job...

We installed a proper header above the closet door opening. Whoever did the previous work just
cut off the existing studs and did not support the ceiling above the correct way.

Me screwing in the new header and trying not to knock any more
plaster off the wall.

Brooke posing with the new header. Now that its up we can finish
taking out the small wall in the closet.

The wall removed and the door to the other room framed in so we can cover it with drywall.

Next we put new insulation in the two walls where we had removed it.

Then we realized the new drywall was close to a half inch thinner than the old plaster walls and would result in a gap between the wall and the hardwood floor, so we had to cut strips of half inch plywood to put on all the studs as spacers.

Putting up the drywall. Brooke had fun with the Roto-Zip cutting out
the opening for the window.

After we finished installing the drywall.

And the other side of the room.