Uncovering the Hardwood
March 27, 2008

After finishing painting, we took the carpet out of the living room and two downstairs bedrooms. We'll be refinishing the original hardwood floor that was under the carpet.

The floor apears to be in pretty good condition in the living room. A little sanding and it'll be
looking great.

Looks like there was a little water damage on this side of the room, but it doesn't look too bad.

A closer look at the floor in the living room. The bad looking spots should sand out.

Most of the floor looks really good, like this section.

We found these black spots all over the floor of the master bedroom.
Turns out its just parts of the carpet padding, and scrapes off easily.

The floor in the den looks good except for an area that had some
water damage and will need a couple pieces of wood replaced.