Removing Parquet Flooring
March 30, 2008

After removing the carpet and uncovering the original hardwood floor, we decided to remove the parquet tiles by the front door. There was 25 square feet of it, which didn't seem like much at first. But it was glued down to the hardwood floor. Whoever did it must have used a 5 gallon bucket of adhesive... It took about ten hours of chiseling to get it all up. Then we had to get the adhesive off the floor. That was much easier.

Here is the 25 square feet of parquet floor tiles by the door
before we started working on removing it.

Here's Brooke working hard and making a mess.

Brooke's turn to take a break while I hammer away...

Several hours later we're a third of the way done.

Getting close now...

Finally, ten long hours later, the parquet is all gone. Unfortunately there's all that adhesive still there.

A closer look at how well covered in adhesive the floor was.

Meet our new best friend, Jasco. Pour it on, wait 15 minutes, and scrape the
adhesive right off. It couldn't get any easier!

Ah, that explains it... "DO NOT SELL IN CALIFORNIA" There must be some really good chemicals in there...

Jasco hard at work while we relax for 15 minutes.

And finally, a nice clean hardwood floor and a pan full of chemical goop.