Installing Interior Window Trim
April 11, 2008

My parents came up from San Diego to visit for a week and offered to help work on the house while they were here. We did a lot of painting while they were here, and also installed the interior window trim on all of our new windows downstairs. We've been looking forward to finishing the windows, but just hadn't gotten to it yet. A litte trim sure makes a big difference...

Here is one of the windows in the den before we started
installing the trim.

Here's my dad shimming the window jamb extension. We built
it on the floor, then put it in and shimmed it into the right spot,
then nailed it in.

All nailed in and ready to add the casing.

Me setting the last few nails so we can cover their heads to hide them.

Finished and ready for a little touch up paint on the cut ends
and over the nails.

The front window in the living room was a little more work. We had
to cover up the two 4x4 posts that we put in between the windows.
Again, we cut all the pieces and put them together on the floor.

Shimmed, nailed in, and ready to cover up the 4x4 posts.

One covered up and looking better already...

My dad and I installing the casing around the window.

Finished. Much better...