New Appliances
June 3, 2008

After spending a lot of time researching, we finally decided on white Maytag applianecs. We decided the extra expense of stainless steel wasn't worth it for this house. The appliances were delivered on June 3rd, and we decided to put the new refrigerator and dishwasher in even though we'd have to take them back out later when we redo the kitchen. What we figured would be a real quick simple job ended up taking a little longer than expected, but we still finished that day.

Here is what we found behind the refrigerator. Looks like we
should rewire that before putting the new refrigerator in...

So here I go into the crawl space to run some new cable. The $6
Navy flight suit from a thrift store helps to keep clean under the
house, and the respirator makes it a lot easier to breath with all the
dust and dirt down there.

After running new cable from the electrical panel and installing a
GFCI outlet since its required in locations less than 6 feet from the
sink. We'll patch the hole later...

Here is the new refridgerator plugged into its new outlet and ready for use. It sure
is a lot nicer and bigger than what was there before.

Here are the dishwasher and range. The microwave was damaged, so the delivery men
took it back with them.

Working on getting the old dishwasher out.

Brooke in the hole feeding the new water line through to the water pipe under the sink. When we took the old drain hose off, it broke the old rusty pipe it was connected to, so we had to run to Lowe's to get more supplies.

The new dishwasher ready to clean some dishes.