Bathroom Demolition
July 1, 2008

After tearing out the kitchen cabinets and flooring, we tore everything out of the downstairs bathroom. The wall between the kitchen and bathroom had all the plumbing in it, which had to go too. Brooke's parents were over for the day helping us out as well.

Working on getting the drywall off the wall in the bathroom.

Brooke and Walt working on the wall and handing the debris out to Stevi.

Brooke and I took the shower surround out and were working on the old drywall that was behind it. At this point we had also removed all the old plumbing.

Brooke standing in the kitchen.

After getting the tub out, we decided we might as well
replace another one of the studs that was in bad condition.
That made it easy to get the tub out of the bathroom too.

This is the bathroom from the kitchen after taking the old flooring out.

After removing the shower surround and old drywall behind it, we found that the bathroom window had been replaced at some point. Whoever did it had decided that the header above window was unnecessary and cut off the stud that supported it. I guess we'll need to fix that...