Bathroom Framing
July 31, 2007

After finishing the plumbing, and passing our rough-in inspection, it was time to cover up the hole in the bathroom floor that we'd been using for access to the plumbing in the crawl space. After reframing the missing floor joists and installing new plywood, we fixed a framing problem that was left in the exterior wall as a result of a previous remodel. The window size had been changed, and the new one was wider than the old one. So they decided to just cut the stud off that was holding up the header above the window. We figured we'd better fix that before we remodeled the upstairs bathroom and added more weight right above this spot.

We had to add some new floor framing to replace some that we had removed earlier.

Here's the before picture of the wall that needed some work to fix
a previous hack job. You can see the old header resting on the
window on the right side, rather than on a stud. There were also
some water damaged studs that we eplaced.

Here is the after picture. We put in a longer header and supported
it, and replaced the water damaged studs down below. We also added
some framing to support the new bathtub.

A closer look at the new header over the window.

The people who did the previous remodel had used metal corner bead around all the inside corners when they drywalled. You can see it in the previous picture. The easiest way I found to remove it was with my grinder and cut-off wheel. Brooke captured the fireworks show...