Finished Downstairs Bathroom
August 19, 2008

We finished tiling the shower, grouted, and sealed the grout. After that we added window trim, and baseboard molding. The old exhaust fan was larger than the new one, so we just patched the hole in the ceiling and cut a new hole for the new fan. Its nice to have the bathroom finished now, and looking good. Here are some pictures of the last part of the tiling, and the finished room.

That's me working on the top row of tiles on the last wall.

Brooke working on the bottom row now that all the tiles above have set up and won't slide down.

This is right after we finished grouting. The grout is still wet,
and won't be so dark when it dries.

All done with the tile and window trim and cleaned up. You can
see a big difference in the color of the grout from the previous
picture now that its dry.

The other end of the bathroom.

And another view with the shower curtain up.