Exterior Paint
September 9, 2008

When we noticed the weather forecast called for warm sunny weather with no rain for a week, we decided to jump on the opportunity to paint the outside of the house. Our neighbors house was the same color as ours, so we decided to go with something different. After comparing all the other neighbors, we decided to go with a dark green so that we wouldn't match any of the houses near by. We rented a paint sprayer from Home Depot to do the green paint, and then painted the trim by hand the next day. We didn't bother painting the front door since we have a new door to install.

That's me spraying the house, trying to keep the green paint off the trim.

One side and the garage left to paint...

The sprayer worked really well, and made fast work of painting the
whole house.

Finished painting, and now we just need to put that new front door in.