Utility Room
October 3, 2008

We've been working on the utility room a little here and there between other projects. The room is right off the kitchen, and has the washer, dryer, furnace and water heater in it. The room is barely big enough for all that, but despite its small size, took a lot of work.

We removed the furnace a couple weeks ago so we could patch holes and paint. We also moved the water heater to the opposite corner when we replumbed the house. We replaced the window, and have a new door, but that isn't up yet. We just got the new furnace installed yesterday, and we had them run the rest of the gas piping that we needed for the water heater, dryer, and stove.

New washer water supply and drain line, 220V outlet for electric
dryer, vent for dryer, and pot light in ceiling. The holes are patched,
but obviously not painted yet.

The old oil furnace that was installed in 1969. It was still running
strong, but cost a fortune to operate. That's the electric water heater
next to it. It was only a couple years old, but it was too small.

The old fuse boxes were behind the furnace. They must have been
disconnected in '69 when the furnace was installed right in front of
them, and a new circuit breaker panel was installed in a new location.

The furnace and water heater out of the room so we could patch
holes and paint.

Looks a lot better and brighter with a fresh coat of white paint.

And a new window helps too. We decided to go with obscured glass
on this one.

And a new furnace just in time for colder weather. We had a
heating contractor do the installation and run all our gas line. I
think it was money well spent since they were done with the whole
thing in about 7 hours.

A closer look at the new furnace.

And our new water heater. The furnace contracters connected it to
the chimney for us since it was right there. We still need to put the
earthquake straps on.