Upstairs Bathroom and Dormer
November 3, 2008

After finishing the kitchen, we moved on to working on the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom was only a 1/2 bath, with barely enough room for the toilet and sink. We wanted a full bath, and the only way to do it was to open up the roof and build a dormer to get the extra head room. Before opening up the room, we had some plumbing, electrical, and heating duct work to relocate. After that we tore out the existing walls and put in the new subfloor. After that it was finally time to cut open the roof and start building. We're still working on it, but I've finally made some time to post pictures.

This is looking into the bathroom from one of the bedrooms during
demolition. The wall between the rooms needs to move, so we had
to take it out.

After tearing out the wall between the bathroom and attic. We also
had to reframe some of the floor to make room for the toilet drain pipe.

The new floor framing for the toilet drain, and also the rerouted plumbing vent pipe (black pipe) and heating duct. The red and blue pipes are the water lines coming up from downstairs.

A closer view of the new framing around the toilet drain pipe. After the walls are in, we'll finish the drain pipes.

The new subfloor fitted and temporarily screwed down so we can
still remove it and get to the plumbing.

Here is the back of the house before cutting the roof open.

Brooke working on getting the shingles and roof sheathing off. This was one of the last nice sunny days...

This is after we installed the new rafters on each side of the
dormer. We had to put in four 2x8s on each side to support the
load of the dormer and roof.

These are the four 2x8s, and some of the electrical that was in
the old walls. We still haven't moved the cables out of the way...

We built the front wall on the ground, then lifted it up onto the roof, and put it in place.

Looking into the bathroom from the hall. Brooke is standing on the
roof over the family room.

We had a couple hours of sun the other day and actually got to take the tarps off while we worked on the side walls.

We've actually finished all the roof framing now, but this is the last picture I have. More to come soon...