Dormer Update
November 5, 2008

Today we actually had sun most of the day, and no rain. So it was a good day to get the tarps off the dormer and put the wall and roof sheathing on. We also put the old tongue and groove sheathing back on above the dormer. Yesterday it was cold and windy, so we left the tarps tied down and worked inside to remove the one wall in the bathroom that we hadn't actually torn out yet. Initially we were going to try to save most of the wall, which is why it was still there in all the previous pictures. But since we needed to move the door over, and there was also a couple studs in the way of where we need to put some plumbing, we had to rebuild most of that wall.

All of the exterior wall, ceiling, and roof framing is finished here. We still need to finish up the interior side walls below the roof line.

Here's a top view of the dormer.

The sheathing went up pretty quick. It was convenient being able to cut the sheathing on the roof of the family room.

Brooke nailing in the last piece of roof sheathing.

All done except for replacing what we had to cut out below the dormer to get the new rafters in.

And a view from the back yard.