Waiting for Inspectors
November 17, 2008

After finishing the framing on the dormer, we had to work on the plumbing and wiring so we could get it inspected since those inspections needed to be signed off before we could get our framing inspection. Unfortunately, we ran into a little bad timing with both the plumbing and electrical inspections. Due to Veteran's Day, the plumbing inspection office moving from Bellevue to Renton and being closed a couple days, and just not hearing one inspector knocking on our door, we ended up waiting a week and a half for inspectors to show up.

In the mean time, we got some other projects done. We finished putting insulation in the crawl space, insulated the water pipes in the crawl space, replaced the door (and frame) in the shop with the old front door, built a lumber rack in the garage so we could organize all the wood we have laying around, hung some of the old kitchen cabinets in the shop, made a dump run, took our remaining old appliances, steel water pipes, copper water pipes, and old copper wire to a recycle center, and built new attic access doors on either side of the bathroom upstairs.

Some of our old kitchen cabinets in the shop. This helped us organize a little better.

Our old front door now installed in the shop. The old one was a
hollow door, but this one is solid wood and will be more secure.

Same door, from outside. we still need to finish painting the trim
around the door.

The new lumber rack in the garage. Its a bit overkill, but we had some extra 2x6s and wanted the flexibility to be able to put long or short boards anywhere on the rack. Now we just need to make sure we don't overload the wall...