Dormer Update
November 23, 2008

After finishing the framing and the wall and roof sheathing, we worked on the plumbing and wiring. The wiring was pretty basic, and the plumbing went fairly smoothly since we had done most of the planning for it when we did the downstairs bathroom. We had to get plumbing and electrical rough-in inspections before we could get our framing inspection. Once we had all three of those inspections, we put insulation in and put the subfloor down. Then we got to work on the outside putting the new shingles on and blending them into the old ones.

This update shows what we had done before we went to Brooke's parent's for Thanksgiving.

All the new drain and vent pipes in the floor after our plumbing inspection.

The new plumbing and wiring in the wall where the sink and toilet will go.

Looking into the bathroom after we installed the subfloor, insulation, and bathtub.

Brooke working on taking off the old shingles so we could blend in the new ones.

Brooke's parents came over one day to give us some extra hands while we were working on the roofing. Here are Brooke and Walt working on laying shingles on the dormer roof.

Finishing off the lower part of the roof. The roof had two layers of shingles, but we only removed the top layer in some areas, and had to match the double thickness in the areas where we had taken it all off.

Done with the roofing below the dormer, up both sides, and one side of the dormer roof. Just need to finish the far side of the dormer roof, and the ridge on the main roof.