Dormer Siding
December 4, 2008

We've had a couple dry days, so we took the opportunity to finish the roofing, all the trim, and put the siding on the dormer. Brooke's parents came over the day we started the siding to help speed things along. We're done with all the exterior work now, other than a final coat of paint, so we finally took the tarps off the roof. Now we get to see if the dormer is waterproof...

The roofing is all finished, and we have all the trim and soffits installed. Ready to start putting up the siding.

Walt and I working on the siding. We used fiber cement siding since its cheaper than the ceder siding on the rest of the house, but looks pretty much the same, and lasts longer.

All finished. Now we just need to touch up the paint. We took the tarps down after I took this picture. So we'll get our first leak test when the rain starts up again.

And in case you're wondering how much rain we've had since we cut open the roof, here's our rain gauge. This 5 gallon bucket has been on the roof since we started, and its about half full from rain. That's about 6 or 7 inches since we cut the roof open on October 28th. And we only had one day when we had a few drops of water inside.