Family Room Ceiling Framing
January 9, 2009

After spending some time in San Diego for Christmas, we got back to work on the family room. Because it was built with a semi-flat roof (it slopes about 6 inches over 16 feet) we needed to frame the ceiling with level ceiling joists to hang the drywall. The tops of the walls in the family room also happened to be a couple inches higher than the rest of the walls in the house which made it a little more complicated than just setting the new ceiling joists on the tops of the walls at the two ends of the room. But it was an easy problem to fix.

We put the new 2x6 joists parallel to the old ones, and used a 2x6 header at the kitchen end of the room to support the new joists at the right height. This is Brooke nailing up one of the brackets we used to help support the header.

About 2/3 of the way through installing the new 2x6 joists (the lighter color ones). You can see where we had to notch out the blocking between the old joists to fit the new ones in.

This view shows the slope of the old joists (darker ones) that are supporting the roof compared to the new ceiling joists.

A closer view of the kitchen end of the room where the new joists connect to the new header we had to install in order to get the ceiling level.

This room had electric baseboard heaters before. Now we have a
new heater duct over the sliding glass door.

And a new duct over a window on the other side of the room.

And finally some nice thick insulation in the ceiling.