Upstairs Bathroom Tile
January 31, 2009

We had some tile left over from the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen, so we decided to use it in the upstairs shower. Unfortunately, we were short a couple tiles, and couldn't get the same ones since we'd gotten them on clearance and there weren't any left. So we found a 6x6 tile that went well with the ones we had and used them to put a stripe around the shower. It worked out great and saved us from needing to buy all new tile.

The walls preped for tile with cement board.

The back wall finished except for the bottom row. Using the 6x6
tiles worked out great to make up for being short a couple of the
larger tiles.

Brooke finishing up the bottom row on the side wall.

Finished putting up the tile, but no grout yet.

This is after grouting the seams. The grout is still wet here,
so it looks dark.

And a quick snapshot I took of the moon and Venus out the
bathroom window while Brooke was working on the tile.