Upstairs Paint
February 1, 2009

We finished the drywall in the bathroom upstairs at the same time as the family room drywall. Once the drywall was done, we textured everything upstairs, and the family room, then painted. We painted everything upstairs a light pale yellow color to keep it neutral. We painted the lower half of the stairway the same tan color as the rest of the house. Here are some pictures...

Looking up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Looking down the stairs from the bathroom door.

The bedroom to the left as you get to the top of the stairs.

Looking towards the door of the same bedroom. Most of the shelf above the closet had been blocked off, making it mostly unusable, so we opened it up.

The other bedroom. After painting we installed new doors to the bedrooms and the bathroom. The doors are off in these pictures so we could paint them.

The closet.

Same bedroom, from the doorway.

The bathroom. Its hard to get much of a picture in there since its so small...