February 9, 2009

Today we finally built a banister at the top of the stairs. We've been putting it off for a long time, but since we're getting carpet installed in three days, we wanted to have it in so the carpet could be put around it. We'll also be getting our building permit signed off soon, and the inspector told us we'd need a banister there before he'd sign off. We wanted to do something a little less fancy, but couldn't really come up with anything else, so just went with the traditional look. I think we spent more time trying to figure out what materials to buy then actually installing them. Oh well...

This is the area that needed some kind of railing to keep clumsy people from falling off. We still need to put a railing in going down the stairs before we can get the bathroom building permit signed off.

Gus tried to help us drill holes in the bottom of the railing. I guess his idea of helping was eating the saw dust so we wouldn't have to clean it up...

And the finished banister. Traditionally the posts and railing aren't
painted, but since we don't have any other wood stained trim in
the house, we decided to just paint the whole thing white.