Finished Upstairs Bathroom
February 11, 2009

After finishing the tile in the upstairs bathroom, we did the flooring. We decided to go with vinyl flooring to save time and money, and because one of the floor joists is a bit higher than the rest. That would have meant we'd have to level the floor before laying tiles, adding more time. We bought an inexpensive remnant of vinyl, and it was quick and easy to install. After that we put in the baseboard moulding, the valves on the water supply lines, glued the sink drain line connector on, and installed the sink, toilet, medicine cabinet and towel bars. Once all those were in we finished the window trim.

You can see how the bathroom looked before we started working on it in the Before & After section.

Here's the vinyl floor after installing the baseboard.

And the finished bathroom. Small, but better than what was
there before...

Looking out the window from the doorway.