New Carpet
February 12, 2009

We got our new carpet installed today. We chose a nice neutral beige color. We had it installed in the family room, the two upstairs bedrooms, and on the stairs. While I think it would have been fun to try and install it ourselves, we couldn't pass up Home Depot's deal: $139 for carpet installation in the whole house. Turns out stairs are extra, but it was still under $200. It took two professional installers 4.5 hours. It probably would have taken Brooke and I 4.5 days to learn and do it, and cost as much in tool rentals. So I'd say this was a good one to leave to the pros. Its nice to finally have some carpet.

The family room from the kitchen. We've been working on the window and door trim as well. Still need to finish door trim in here...

The stairs are much quieter now that they're carpeted.