Finished Family Room and Stairs (Almost)
February 20,2009

After a few days off from working on the house while my brother and sister-in-law were here visiting, we got back to work finishing off the family room and upstairs. The carpet was installed the day before Matt and Jen got here, but we hadn't put any of the door trim or base board up yet. So we finished that off and did some touch up painting. The family room is basically finished except for putting up some sort of trim around the fireplace, and around the top of the one kitchen cabinet that is on the family room side of the beam between the kitchen and family room. The stairs and hall, if you can call it that, are almost done as well. We still need to add a handrail going down the stairs. The two bedrooms just need a couple finishing touches.

We still need to put some trim above the cabinet on the edge of the kitchen.

Need to paint the cover to the electrical panel too...

Someday we may cover up the brick fireplace, but for now it will stay.

The stairs and hall, landing, or whatever you want to call it, are done too except for a hand rail.

The carpet really is the same color as the family room, the
lighting just makes it look different.

Looking up the stairs into the bathroom.

Entrance to the stairs.