April 27, 2009

After not doing much work on the house in a while, we finally got back to doing some work. We bought the materials to build a new patio cover and a fence between the house and garage a while back, but had other things going on and hadn't gotten around to building them. With some nice weather I decided it was time to get the fence built. It went up pretty quick and now our back yard is fully fenced so we could actually get a dog now if we ever get around to that...

This is looking towards the driveway from the backyard. You can see the 3 post brackets (black
things) bolted to the cement that will hold the posts for the patio cover and fence.

Me hanging the left gate. We decided on a double gate that is
just over 5 ft wide to give ourselves a nice wide opening in case
we need it. The posts continue above the fence to hold the new
patio cover.

The finished fence and gate. Well, we still need to add a latch so the gate will stay closed, and
you can open it from the outside. Unfortunately, the one we bought was defective, so it needs to
be returned.

And the inside of of the fence. As usuall, Gus is checking out the work to make sure it's up to his
standards. Or maybe he's just looking for a way out...

The new latch on the gate.

Looking at the open gate from the driveway.

Looking at the open gate from the back yard.