Patio Cover
May 10, 2009

With some sunny days in the forecast (well, at least not rainy days) and Brooke tied up, I decided to get busy building the new patio cover. I worked on it a couple afternoons by myself, then Brooke's parents came over for Mother's Day, and Walt and I put some more work in. Its just about done now, but with a week of rain in the forecast I decided I'd just put some pictures up now since it may be a while before I can get back out there to finish it.

I got plenty of practice using clamps and my knees to hold things in place.

We decided to use double 2x6s to support the cover on the side away from the house.

The cover is attached the the facia on the house.

The view from the other side.

2x2s on top of the 2x4s to support the clear currugated plastic roof.