Finished Patio Cover
May 17, 2009

After putting up the corrugated PVC panels for the top of the patio cover, we finished up the gutter. We reused the gutters that we took off the house where the new patio cover attaches, and some of the gutters we took off the old patio cover. Unfortunately we had trouble finding some gutter parts that matched the profile, and had to wait for a local store to get them in before we could finish the gutters. But its done, and now I know how to keep it from raining in Seattle. Just put up some new gutters...

Here's a shot of the top of the patio cover after we finished putting up the corrugated PVC sheets, and half of the gutter. You can kind of see the end of the gutter coming around the corner by the garage.

We used clear PVC sheets for the top to let the light in. We didn't
want the new cover to be as dark as the old one was. So this will
work well, as long as we can keep it clean...

The gutter is all done, and the project is finished.