Side Awning
June 7, 2009

The awning over the side door must have been in pretty bad condition for a long time. It was falling off the house since it wasn't built well, and there were plenty of spots for water to get into the wall. Back when we were working on the family room, and fixed the rotted wood in the floor below the door, we put new flashing between the house and top of the awning to keep the rain out. We also nailed up some temporary supports so the thing wouldn't fall on us while we waited until summer to tear it down and rebuild it. So now that we've had good weather, it was time to get to work on this project. Brooke's parents came over to give us some extra hands so we could get the old awning down more quickly. We were thankful for the help. With four of us, we were able to get it down in two large pieces. If it had been just Brooke and I, it would have been a lot more work.

Here's a picture of the old awning before we tore it down. We
added the temporary supports to it a while back since we
were afraid it was going to fall on us.

And a closer look at the side where its clearly pulling away from
the house. It was attached pretty poorly.

Walt and I working on the new awning.

Looking much better, but not done yet.

All done.