More Patio Cover Demo
June 9, 2009

Since we had the new patio cover finished, it was time to finish tearing down what was left of the old patio cover. We had left part of it up so we'd have a covered area to keep things dry outside. So we moved the few things that were left under there and got to work. It came down pretty quickly, and then we had to remove the plywood floor that was underneath it.

Before getting to work.

And another angle that shows the plywood floor a little better.

Moving right along...

We decided to cut the last couple joists off rather than try to get the nails out of the hanger brackets.

Patio cover down... Now we need to pull up that plywood floor.

Brooke working on unscrewing the plywood from the 2x6 framework below it.

That's a lot of 2x6's. Why didn't they just fill in the rest with 2x6's and forget about the plywood?

All the wood pulled up, and a pile of bricks in the corner that had been spread out holding the wood off the dirt. Surprisingly, they actually used pressure treated wood for this, and it was still in really good condition.

Good thing they didn't make the "foundation" as strong as the rest of the floor. It only took me a few minutes with a 3 lb hammer to break up all that concrete.

Now we just need to find some more free fill dirt on Craigslist to level the hole, plant some grass, and paint over the blue stripes on the side of the garage.