Fence Repairs
August 13, 2009

While most of the fence around our house is chain link, there is a short section of wood fence along the driveway by the garage. Its pretty old and not really in the best condition or built well, for that matter. We considered replacing the whole thing, but at this point decided to just do some repairs to keep it from falling over with some wood we had in the garage. Maybe we'll replace it all sometime in the future.

This ugly thing has been been passing itself off as a gate since
we bought the house. We finally took it down and built a better
looking gate.

Here's the new gate. Looks much better than that old sheet metal
thing that had a piece of speaker wire holding it closed.

And it even opens all the way, unlike the old gate.

There used to be just a piece of plywood here where the wood
fence ends and the chain link begins. It was also held on with some
strategically placed speaker wire and one screw.

From the front.