Finished Chimney & Fireplace
March 14, 2010

We've been putting off the finishing touches on the chimney and the fireplace for quite a while, but finally got around to finishing. We had finished the chimney crown last summer, but never put any pictures online. And we installed a stainless steel chimney liner in October last year and never got around to showing those pictures either. We also had a local machine shop make some steel plates to put around the wood burning stove to cover up the old fireplace opening. We got the plates in October, but didn't get around to installing them till a couple weeks ago. Now everything is done, so I figured I should put some pictures on the website.

Just as a reminder, here is what the top of the chimney
looked like before we started working on it. The crown was
cracked and letting water in.

Here's Brooke wrestling the new flexible stainless steel
chimney liner. It came in a coil and was stiffer than we
expected, and took some work to get it straight enough.

The top of the chimney with the new chimney crown that we finished last summer and the new chimney liner that we installed in October.

After installing the liner, we had to modify the top plate a little so we could bend it down over the clay flue tile and screw it in.

After installing the top plate, we added the chimney cap. All done.

The finished fireplace. We had a local shop make the steel plates for us, then we painted them and installed them.